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honest to god i will break your heart; tear you to pieces & rip you apart.

9 October 1983
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30 seconds to mars, a clockwork orange, alice in wonderland, anchors, andy warhol, anita pallenberg, art, batman, black & white photography, black lipstick, bob dylan, bowie, brigitte bardot, bubble baths, buddhas, cameras, candles, chanel, cherry blossoms, coachella, cocktail dresses, coffee, comic books, concerts/shows, cosmetics, criminal minds, cuddling, cupcakes, debbie harry, decorating of any kind, disney princesses, dragonflies, dress up, drive ins, edie sedgwick, equal rights, fafi, false lashes, fangs, fashion, feathers, fight club, finger moustaches, florence + the machine, forehead kisses, francoise hardy, fresh flowers, friday night lights, gambit, gavin rossdale, ginsberg, gone with the wind, gwen stefani, hair/makeup, halloween, harley quinn, heath ledger, heels, hello kitty, henry cavill, hockey, horror films, indie films, ink & holes, japan, jared leto, jessica stam, john lennon, johnny depp, joseph gordon levitt, josh beech, joy division, kate moss, kings of leon, lace, lady gaga, lilies, lomo cameras, london, love, mac cosmetics, marianne faithfull, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, martinis, masquerade masks, matt dallas, matthew gray gubler, megan fox, michael cera, mickey rourke, mila kunis, minnie mouse, mohawks, mummies, my blackberry, my so-called life, new york city, nylon magazine, painting, pandas, paper lanterns, photography, piano, pink lemonade, polaroids, posh, punk, ramona flowers, reading, repo! the genetic opera, road trips, robert pattinson, rosaries, sephora, shabby chic, sid vicious, siouxsie, skin care, snakes, snowboarding, sons of anarchy, sushi, tea time, texting, the french language, the joker, the misfits, the rain, the rolling stones, the sixties, thunderstorms, tibetan, tights, toby hemingway, travel, true crime, tyler durden, victoria beckham, villains, ville valo, vintage shops, vinyl records, writing, zooey deschanel